Cathedral Vidya School The Best IBDP Schools Near Mumbai

With growing child, concerns & tensions of parents also grow. They get worried about the education & upbringing of child. How to give them quality education? This tension is quiet big for them.
No doubt, they start looking for best schools to enroll the child in but finding a school where the focus is on studies, as well on overall development of child is quite tough.
If you are considering boarding school in Mumbai as your option to enroll your kids then we can certainly help you with the same. The foremost step of choosing a boarding school is selection of the board to associate with like CBSE, ICSE or IB board etc. Apart from education standard, co-curriculum activities, & exposure to life challenges are also an important aspect to decide the school.

One of the prominent names in world of Boarding schools is the Cathedral Vidya School- IBDP Schools near Mumbai.
This excellent boarding school provides environment fully apt for the development of young lives. Excellent education system along with sports & cultural activities together helps in development of kids. CVSL offers a platform where your child is carefully nurtured, and mentored towards becoming a truly global citizen.
It strives to give the best possible education & guidance to kids in order to make them successful individuals.
Academic, non-academic, all kinds of assistance is given by Cathedral Vidya School. They take full interest in understanding your child’s interest and guide them to follow their passion. We help them choose the best suited path for their overall development.
Apart from Studies, sports, extra- curricular activities like music & arts are given due consideration. Teachers & mentors selected after strict process work towards the growth of your child.
The best of facilities & environment is set up for the complete development of young minds. We prepare kids to achieve their goals by showing them the right way.


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