Hurray!! We Begin Another Year At School!

Academic sessions are a great way of following a calendar and our achievements as students. It’s all the more essential when students are growing in one of the best international residential schools in India like The Cathedral Vidya School, Lonavala. Every birthday is all the more special because the number of achievements and positive developments outnumber the numeral of their age.

We have just commenced our annual academic session for 2018 - 2019. Our #IGCSE &#IBDP students are keenly working on their Assignment Planners while the Middle School students are signing up for the co-curricular activity clubs. They also know the leadership positions they are aiming to take up as House Captains and other titles.

The Grade 9 and Grade 10 students are focusing on their subject options available. CVSL offers the widest range of subjects to choose from with versatile faculty members who are highly experienced and hail from reputed institutions. The international experience, each of them hold also enhances the student teacher bonding, teaching and learning process. A backward career mapping along with the academic review, assisted by the College Counsellor’s guidance in house helps select the best combination of subjects. This kind of assisted subject selection not only ensures academic excellence but also opens doors to the most pre-university options and career options.

IBDP & IGCSE are very interesting courses to pursue, especially if the globe is your limit and the world of opportunities unlimited on your list. These academic courses allow students to pursue their passion at the same time while they complete their secondary education.

Most cosmopolitan cities and multi - national companies these days, demand a high profile and caliber of performance at work. Work related tours both nationally and internationally are very common criteria, in most industries these days irrelevant of the department or profile. While parents are spending time in travelling or traffic jams, working overtime and at odd hours..

What could be a better option than an International Boarding Schools in Maharashtra, India?

Here students have a world of their own, where they are looked after just like they would be at home; under experienced pastoral care, gym and sport instructors, counsellors and other staff.

While students master life skills, they also master the art of negotiation, healthy peer interactions and positive self-expression. A healthy diet and comfortable suites are the cherry on the cake. Pre scheduled holidays and breaks along with assigned days to call parents also schedules regular communication between the parents and students.

While students commence this new academic session with all the vigour and enthusiasm, knowing what they look forward to they also have a lot of pleasant surprises in the form of co-curricular events and inter school competitions; How can we forget the excursions and movie trips and all the fun filled picnics and treks. We wish each one of you a great year ahead. 


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