Why Join A Boarding School?

Boarding school, a place where kids not only study, they also live there. Sending your children to a boarding school is not as easy as parents. The idea of admitting your children into a boarding school is a very big decision. The benefits of educating your children in boarding schools are many and they are very different from the education at a non-residential school. Today we are going to discuss the benefits of educating your children at a boarding school –

Children grow up to be independent and responsible—
Staying away from parents is a part and parcel of life at a boarding school. The steady routine and discipline make children independent and responsible to make decisions and manage their daily routine with consequences. Children learn the important lessons like being responsible and accountable, mutual respect and self-confidence.
Prepares your children for life—
Life in a boarding school teaches many things, which your children may never learn at home. Boarding schools teach interpersonal skills, negotiation skills, the art of self-development and conflict management.
Small class size and subject selection –
Children study in generally smaller groups in boarding schools which also ensure that teachers give individual attention to your children. Children today have the option to select their own subjects as per their interest and capabilities and are motivated to learn rather than being forced to study. Cathedral Vidya School offers the widest range of subject to choose from when compared to other schools.
Good sports facilities —
Boarding schools like Cathedral school Mumbai make sports and participation in physical activities compulsory for your children. They are given the option to choose at least two activities as per their interest in swimming, football, cricket, tennis, basketball, horse riding, squash, badminton etc.
A holistic development -
Your children learn the art of making and maintaining good relationships, at boarding schools. They will also develop the art of diplomacy by dealing with situations and people from different walks of life, according to their personalities. Life at a boarding school is like a mini experience you would possibly have in the world outside. Apart from the emotional intelligence, important lessons in courtesy and mutual respect, worldliness, and self-management are imbibed along with academic knowledge and mastering some form of sport. Pursuing your passions and dreams, identifying and strengthening your weaknesses academic and such as stage fear through co-curricular activities.
All these and many more benefits make you think a boarding school is the best for your children. Instead of the daily ordeal of juggling between school, classes and managing the social life - here we have the best of everything for your children under one roof in one #Internationalresidentialschool campus like The Cathedral Vidya School, Lonavala. However, choosing the ideal school is not an easy task. One school, which has the ambience, safety and security along with a steady support system for the parents to make it a pleasant experience for both the parents and the children, is here! It is the best international boarding schools in pune, completing a decade with their record of accomplishments in preparing youth today for a modern tomorrow!!


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