Importance of Mathematics by the Students of the Boarding School in Mumbai

A Monday morning assembly with a hilarious skit emphasizing the importance of Maths by the students of IBDP.

At The Cathedral Vidya School an International Boarding School in Maharashtra, India; we aim to create articulate, compassionate and rational individuals proudly Indian in essence, humanistic and universal in outlook. We offer an innovative program, delivered by caring educators addressing the need of the times and guide the children toward academic and human excellence. The School accords the highest priority to the realization of talent and potential at all levels of the faculty and administration so that the young shall never be denied the finest, latest and the most meaningful in the realm of knowledge and life.

This beautiful campus is nestled among the Blue Mountains, off the Mumbai - Pune Highway, best IB board schools Mumbai follows the National Curriculum of England [NCIE] in the Middle School. This curriculum is commonly known as the 'British National Curriculum’ is extensively used by schools around the world and is acknowledged for its academic standards. It is detailed, planned and integrated curriculum which provides students with transferability and opportunity to gain access to prestigious universities.

We offer IGCSE in Grades 9 & 10 and The International Baccalaureate Diploma Program in Grades 11 & 12.

Maths is a compulsory subject throughout the various stages at school and in each curriculum, the students are groomed with the basic concepts, skills and a positive attitude towards the subject.

Math in IBDP is a core subject divided into three options and levels. The students' selection of the level is based on the career mapping and precious background of the subject.
The Higher Level is an option for those students whose concepts are clear and the students have a strong background, knowledge, and ease with the subject. These students select Maths as a Major subject which also defines their admission into the future courses aligned with their prospective career in Engineering, Architecture and any other course which requires a major in Maths.

A Standard Level is an option for those students whose concepts are clear and the students have a sufficiently good background, knowledge, and ease with the subject. These students study Maths as a subject in combination with other commerce / Humanities subjects, aligned with their prospective career in Economics, Psychology, and Business Management etc.

Mathematical Standard Level is designed in a manner to students can relate to it and it will help them in their future aligned courses and basic operations post academics. The major focus is on Statistics and Business Studies.

The best part of studying international curricula like IGCSE / IBDP is that the students have a fair option to select subjects as per their ability, interest, and capacity to perform. It is assignment driven and result oriented.

You may contact the Admission Department at The Cathedral Vidya School, for detailed subject counseling and career mapping of your child.

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